Duvet covers

Features of this installation:

  • Working principle: width/length
  • Hemming
  • Cross cutting
  • Label dispensing
  • Closing of three sides
  • Stacking

Advantages for your production:

  • High output
  • High flexibility
  • Simple operation
  • Data input by menu at the touchscreen
  • Remote mainenance

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  • reisverschlussanlageDetailed view: Automatic sewing of the zipper with zipfitting and securing of the zipper by ultrasonic welding.
  • reisverschlussanlageDetailed view: Lateral closing of the pillow cases and duvets with sewing in of a label.
  • comforterInstallations for the length sewing, cutting, cross sewing and stacking of comforters (US-style) with pipings on three sides (see picture).